"As an arrogant, judgemental male, I spent decades ignorantly making fun of Yoga and it's tribe. And then... this one time... at Yoga class... (it was for research!) Lindsay cracked me open and showed me stuff about myself. Things my soul needed to be purged of. She helped me discover this place of compassionate non-judgemental self awareness. Now I'm part of the Yoga tribe, and all because of this intuitive soul cracker! I hate her for ruining my ignorance. :)" 

Drew Marshall, Host of The Drew Marshall Show


“When I finished my first class with Lindsay I knew right away that she was one of my all-time favourite teachers. I immediately connected to her style of teaching and she seemed to know exactly what I needed. She has an incredible gift at creating a peaceful yet encouraging atmosphere. She has a talent for gauging the energy/ability in the room and creating a class that is safe for new students yet challenging for those who are seeking something new or different. I highly recommend her as a teacher to anyone from a first time yogi to a long time practitioner. Simply blissful."  

Ally Boothroyd - Owner, Sarovara Yoga

“Lindsay has an innate ability to connect with her students knowing when to offer challenges and modifications to poses. She creates a safe, fun and challenging atmosphere where I always walk away from her classes feeling like I had learned something, whether it be about the practice of yoga or about something within. “

Shawna Bowden-Scade - Brampton, Ontario


“Lindsay is an incredible teacher and a wonderful person. Her openness and earnestness is what sets her apart from other instructors. Not only is she able to assess the room and deliver exactly what everyone "needs", but she always adds a little spiritual twist that really sticks with you after class. It's obvious that she's passionate about what she does and I look forward to her class more then any other activity in the week. She truly has a gift.”

Daryn Sutherland - Toronto, Ontario


"While I always wanted to be a 'yoga girl' and had dabbled in it here and there, nothing seemed to resonate until I landed on my mat in Lindsay's class. The poses, the precision of the guidance, the incredible playlists, and the wisdom of her words ... all magical. I left feeling like I had had a massage, a therapy session and a workout. Lindsay's gift is innate and nuanced through experience and practice. I kept going back and it was easy to do so. Yoga is now a part of my life. Teachers that are this good are rare. I will follow where she goes as long as I can. "

Monica McDonald - Orangeville, Ontario

“Lindsay has helped me to realize that no matter what is happening in my life I can take comfort in knowing that I am always exactly where I am meant to be. “

Trish Kuch - Caledon, Ontario


“Lindsay is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate yoga practitioner and instructor whose enthusiasm for the practice is truly infectious.”
Jeff Theeuwen - Inglewood, Ontario

“There is something peaceful and graceful about Lindsay’s manner; not only does she elegantly “trick” you into holding a long pose that challenges you physically, she calmly talks you through the pose; she creates a warm atmosphere that allows you to meet the challenge of the pose in your own way and with your own strength. Without a doubt, she loves practicing yoga, however, she also clearly loves teaching as well – this is a powerful combination.”

Daniele Lorkovic - Caledon, Ontario

"Having participated in many of Lindsay's retreats (almost all of them!), I can say with honesty that her retreats are nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. By combining amazing locations, nourishing food, challenging and restorative yoga and meditation,  heartwarming camaraderie, creativity and lots of fun, Lindsay ensures you leave the retreat feeling refreshed, empowered, and having been part of something really special. With Lindsay's encouragement and guidance I have taken the leap and become a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher. Lindsay continues to inspire and motivate me."

Carol-Anne Fisher - Orangeville Ontario

“Lindsay's teaching is something she engages people in wholeheartedly. She is believable because she is real. She is a teacher because she cares.”

Jon Beggs - Caledon, Ontario


“Yoga and Lindsay couldn’t have come into my life at a more opportune time. I had been struggling with things in my life that weren’t apparent or visible until I fully surrendered myself to myself. Lindsay helped me do that. She imparted life long lessons through her teachings that were as simple as breathing through moments of intensity, learning to acknowledge and let go, accepting that I am exactly where I am meant to be, and most importantly, begin again."

Christie O’Dwyer - Orangeville, Ontario


“What strikes me as so special about Lindsay is how she truly believes there is a place for yoga in us all. While there are many great mysteries in the world, there is no mystery as to why people love Lindsay… quite simply, she is a beautiful human being.”

Austin Huh - Brampton, Ontario


“I have been practicing yoga for over 2 years and I can genuinely say that Lindsay stands out in my mind as someone who truly inspires you through the practice of yoga. From the very first class, you gain a sense of Lindsay’s real devotion to the practice. Her passion, caring, and earnestness to both yoga and her students help each student blossom in their own practice.” 

Thyagi DeLanerolle - Brampton, Ontario

“I have had the privilege of having Lindsay Vandenhurk as my yoga instructor. Although, ‘yoga instructor’ doesn’t really encapsulate all that she is. Lindsay is a wonderful human being; she has an amazing gift that allows her to touch peoples’ lives in the most amazing way. While taking classes with Lindsay at Discover Your Yoga I formed lifelong connections and a sense of community like no other. Lindsay acted as a mentor, guidance counsellor, friend and personal cheerleader. She encourages all of her students that anything is possible, and while you may be where you are meant to be today the future is unwritten and we have the opportunity to make it ours. Lindsay’s teachings are truly more than just ‘yoga classes’ they are a safe place where you can practice yoga with likeminded individuals, without judgement and with full support and love from people around you."

Amber Schmidt  Thunder Bay, Ontario